Peggy's Blog
It’s a fact that we’re more likely to read things we can relate to. Whether it’s a ‘homespun story by Erma Bombeck,’ or a lofty New York Times editorial, we’re more apt to finish it when there’s ‘common ground.’ When that ‘common ground’ is paved with ‘humor,’ it doesn’t get any better. In Peggy’s Blog, I hope to satisfy the reader on both fronts. I look forward to your comments; I’ll read each and every one.

Several years ago when I began my blog, I wasn’t sure that anyone would read it. It was, after all, my mirror image — light-hearted and non-controversial. No political references, no sexual innuendos, no colorful language… Most of all, it was an excuse to reminisce over old family photographs and to share the humor in everyday life.

When perfect strangers responded to my blog, it was the icing on the cake. You laughed at my mother’s outrageous obsession with baseball, you shared my horror at Mike’s exploits in unspeakable dirt, and mud, and waste of all kinds, and you laughed along with me at my husband’s penchant for detail. Thank you for sharing your stories. I have enjoyed each and every one.

And now, I must suspend my blog. Life is simply too full – and that’s a good thing. Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to read my writing in the not too distant future. Until then, “keep on the sunny side of life” — and stay clean.