This blog comes from mrW Tradesmen Sean Lintow, SLS Construction. He is currently at SkillsUSA 2012 and will be posting information during the week on his website.

Day 1

You know, it really is kind of ironic – here I am sitting in the hotel room writing this article on SkillsUSA 2012 & I got the TV on. This show happens to be on Millennial’s, their stories, and thoughts on the upcoming election. So what am I hearing – I went to university, sent out 80 / 300 applications & I haven’t been called / hired. I spent 200K to become a lawyer & I don’t know if I will ever be able to pay it back. I’m 27 with a Masters & haven’t worked a day in my life… I have a double master & am working part time in retail…

Well welcome to Kansas City & the 2012 SkillsUSA National Championships. This year there is almost 6000 competitors competing in 94 different events. Unfortunately with the MLB’s All-Star game coming up soon they had to bump Skills up by a few days so everyone was rushing today to get the finishing touches up as orientations & judging actually starts tomorrow. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that they would still be setting up & my room wouldn’t be ready for a while.

Wow a virtual welder – a special thanks to Lincoln Electric for giving me a quick lesson & for talking me into trying it. That was pretty fun, especially seeing the last time I did any welding was… well lets just say Skills used to be known as VICA back when I did any. Read More...

June 21, 2012Master Lock and Mike Rowe, creator and star of Discovery Channel program, Dirty Jobs, and founder of, have partnered to help raise “respect and appreciation for skilled labour” and provide “innovative security solutions”.

Rowe, who calls himself a perpetual apprentice, has performed more than 300 of the “dirtiest” jobs throughout the country, during the first five seasons of his hit show, Dirty Jobs.

“Getting involved with the hard working men and women who make civilized existence possible, has been an incredible experience, and provided the foundation for my mission at mikeroweWORKS,” said Rowe. “This partnership with Master Lock will allow us to raise the level of awareness for the growing skills-gap in North America.”

Rowe acted as the spokesman for Master Lock’s new line of security products designed to protect tools and equipment in the cargo area of pickup trucks, especially those that are used for work, which launched exclusively at Canadian Tire stores across Canada this spring.

“With his strong connection to men and women working in the trades, we are both excited and honoured to have Mike’s support and participation in this important new security category,” said Jeffrey Ling, Canadian Master Lock product manager. “In addition, we are incredibly proud to support Mike’s mission and vision at

View original article at Electrical Business magazine – HERE

In a contest that is sure to get your blood racing, Caterpillar is taking  the logo off the side of the Jeff Burton Caterpillar No. 31 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car and putting your company name on.

Two lucky customer’s will have their company name prominently displayed on the car during the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, October 13, 2012, in addition to receiving a paid trip for themselves and five friends along with VIP passes for the entire race weekend. Read More...

Here is a tool worth buying a few of.
I never was a fan of multi-bit drivers until I found this one. Unlike other multi-bit screwdrivers, it has a nice snap to the cap making it fit firmly so you don’t have bits falling out while you work. It has a nice feel to the handle so you can really bear down on it. They are even available in tamper-proof bit sets for all the things I’m not “suppose” to take apart. All for about twenty bucks.

Now If I could just get a version that won’t get lost. Maybe Megapro is working on that.

Joey Authement – CNC Programmer, mrW Tradesmen learn more about him – HERE

DEWALT Mobile Pro is an innovative mobile calculation and reference tool for construction professionals. It is available on the iPad and iPhone and includes (for FREE) a robust construction calculator, several calculation templates, integrated reference materials and other functionality. There is also the availability to purchase, via an integrated store, other trade specific/task specific content – business& finance, carpentry, concrete, jobsite math, site work, conversions, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, landscape, finish work, etc. Furthermore, the app will scale over the next year to include additional content such as code information, additional calculations, forms/checklists, etc.

You can find the app by searching for DEWALT in the Apple app store or you can learn more by going to

Also, you can read the press release about this ‘cool tool’ – HERE
Visit the DeWalt Mobile Pro website – HERE

Review offered by Bobby P. via TRADES HUB

By SLS ~ Sean Lintow,

I got to admit it – I just love my job sometimes. Not only did I have the flexibility to take two days off this week, but I got to do so for a great organization, a great event, & I got to promote another one some more. Yep, you guessed it; it was for SkillsUSA & the Alabama State Championships & of course, the mikeroweWORKS site & foundation. Read More...

Going Off-Grid is a series located on mrW Tradesmen Sean Lintow, SLS Construction’s website.

Off the Grid, Where the Living is Good (so far) by Craig Leisher “Three weeks ago, my wife and I moved with our three boys, two cats, five bikes and canoe from the New Jersey suburbs to a cabin in the Maine woods. We’ll be here for a year, and from time to time I’ll be updating you on our experiment in living in tune with our surroundings and off the grid. We have no hot water, no microwave, no washing machine, no coffee maker and only enough solar electricity to power two laptops and a cellphone…” Read More...