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Thread: Tamper Resistant Plugs

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    Default Tamper Resistant Plugs

    I find it annoying that we are now required to install tamper-resistant plugs in all new construction. The plugs are expensive, and they are awkward to use. I heard that eight children were killed in the U.S. each year by sticking things into plugs. In my opinion, this does not represent a sufficitn hazard to warrant mandating that everyone should install tamper resistant plugs. Surely this is the work of lobbyists who convinced our legistrators to pass this "feel good" legislation. Without the change in the electrical code very few of these plugs would be sold.

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    Just as an FYI, it has nothing to do with the legislature - it is part of the IRC, ICC code body that added it to the codes along with Arc Faults in all bedrooms, etc... Does your local legislature &/or local AHJ have some say - yes but they have to know & hear from enough interested parties to not adopt that section.

    The process of creating the codes & updates is open to everyone, so you might want to consider joining them, or joining an organization that will represent your best intrests. (NADRA is having fun with the latteral load connectors)

    As for the issues with them - running the tester in their a few times loosens it up generally enough for most HO's, while some break the tabs with a screwdriver after the inspection (I do not recomend that last one though)

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