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Ian is the owner / manager of Snake-Away Services which is a snake catching and removal service in South Australia. One of the most common snakes he is asked to remove is the deadly Eastern Brown Snake.

And has he ever been bitten? Yes. Ian explained “I’ve been bitten by pythons (non-venomous constrictors) hundreds of times, literally. I’ve been bitten twice on the job, the first one being by a 4’ Eastern Brown Snake as I was removing it from inside some one’s lounge room. The
second was about 3 years ago by a Spectacle Hooded Snake also while removing it from inside some one’s house late at night. At a teaching course I was bitten by a Death Adder while demonstrating force feeding venomous snakes, this was in the mid 90′s. In the mid to late 80′s I was bitten by a Spotted Black Snake which hospitalized me for 3 weeks as I nearly lost my left arm due to secondary infections.”

Speaking of being bitten, just as the Dirty Jobs shoot was to begin he was bitten by a 4.5 meter Olive Python. This was not the beginning anyone had expected but the day also wasn’t without some humor. Ian explained, “During lunch, Doug was dared to eat a complete 10″ Strudel Bun within 5 minutes. Barsky promised if he did to pay for his drinks for the rest of the trip. Doug won the bet eating the Strudel in 4 min, 50 seconds, part of the agreement though was he had to keep the Strudel down for the rest of the afternoon, this made more difficult by Barsky ‘accidentally’ bumping him in the stomach several times.”

When asked about working with Mike and the Dirty Jobs crew Ian stated, “It was an absolute joy and they were totally professional.

Check out this video from Dirty Jobs Down Under: Snake Wrangler – HERE

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    1. Wow!
      Mike. Really? I love your show, but, this guy, this snake ‘catcher’…Really is not demonstrating the global recommended and accepted practices for dealing with these venomous creatures. I am a reptile veterinarian and professional reptile handler and teacher of reptile handling. I am based in Sydney Australia. I have just viewed the episode in which you visited Adelaide and followed the ‘Snake-Away Services’. You have placed yourself in great danger. The methods used to restrain, handle and catch snakes are totally unnecessary and very dangerous. There are clearly outlined safer and less invasive/damaging ways to restrain and capture Australian venomous snakes. The methods deployed by said Snake catcher in your show were near to offences animal welfare and handling. He would not ever be legally able to do that in the state of NSW Australia (nor many states in Australia). So irresponsible and so unprofessional in my opinion. You can check with the internationally acclaimed Association of reptile and amphibian veterinarians (ARAV), a North American based association of vets devoted to the welfare and protection of reptile fauna. If one thing comes from this episode, it will spark much debate amongst the Australian reptile community. These practices are archaic, dangerous and cruel to the animals. No decent snake handler ever boasts about the bites they have taken. Seriously, this is the wrong message to be putting out to the general public.
      Concerned reptile veterinarian
      David vella

      David Vella | 04/26/13 | 2:53 am