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This product review comes from Tatums Family Reviews.

Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy-Duty, Oxygen-Powered Stain Remover can be used as a booster for stain removal in the laundry, a cleaner for dingy bathroom surfaces, for freshening upholstery and fabrics, and it is even safe as a carpet stain remover. The original formula of Dirty Jobs Complete harnesses a higher concentration of oxygen-powered enzymes unlike any other product on the market cutting through grime, grease, stuck-on dirt and set-in stains.

As you read the below product features you can see the amazing amount of use this product has available! No only can you use it as a laundry booster but cleaning. This product truly eliminates the need for several different products to clean!

I have a smelly towel issue & was seriously thinking of throwing my towels out because I couldn’t get the smell out of half of them. I have tried everything from vineger to soaking forever with other boosters. I washed my stinky towels in this 2x & the smell is completely gone. But not only is the smell gone but they smell nice & fresh!

I also scrub my tub for its weekly cleaning! Worked perfectly & eliminated the need for 15 different products to clean with! I give this product so far a big A+ with its diversity in jobs!

Product Features:

• Safe for Colors. No Chlorine Bleach. No Ammonia. Biodegradable. Non-Toxic.
• Removes tough stains – laundry, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, upholstery, fabrics and carpet, blood, grease and grime
• Everyday laundry booster – color-safe and bleach-free
• Upholstery and fabrics – stubborn spots and stains
• Bathroom surfaces – removes stains and molds
• For Standard and HE washers

Oxygen-powered enzymes unlike any other product on the market cutting through grime, grease, stuck-on dirt and set-in stains. Includes:

Lipase Enzyme (Grease & Oil)
Protease Enzyme (Grass & Blood )
Amylase Enzyme (Sauces & Gravies)
Mannanaase Enzyme (Ketchup & Mustard)
Sodium Percarbonate (Tea, Coffee & Wine)
Cellulase Enzyme (Renews & Brightens)

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      mrs thornton | 04/06/14 | 3:16 pm
    2. I haven’t tried this product yet, but I can’t wait too! All of the Dirty Job cleaning products I’ve used so far are the best cleaning products I’ve ever used! I’m a clean freak and I clean a condo for extra money and I can’t say enough about these products.

      The De-greaser for the kitchen is the first cleaner I’ve used that really doesn’t leave streaks on your stove top! The bathroom cleaner really gets the mold and discoloration out of the grout.

      Thank you for making not only a great product that really does what it says it will do but also at an amazing price! I paid $1.97 for these products at Walmart! Keep up the great work and I’ll keep spreading the word!

      Karen Marino | 10/15/13 | 2:28 pm
    3. I am a happy mom. I purchased the laundry additive for my husband, he loves the show and wanted to support the good cause. I did not expect much from the product, but I wanted to make my husband happy. I am so happy with the product. I have three children, and two boys. My five year old son has frequent nose bleeds at night, and the blood stains ruin sheets. My six month old son spits up and those stains have ruined several sleepers and outfits. This product has removed some of the old blood stains and all of the new blood stains from nose bleeds. The spit up stains have all been removed. The product works well on stains in my clothes and my husbands work clothes as well. I am so happy with this product.

      Happy Mom | 12/02/12 | 12:08 pm
    4. Was very excited to do my wash and use this new product. Unfortunately it did not give me the results that I expected. Did not remove grease stains (from clothing of a mechanic), or other noticeble stains on clothing. I feel it is no different from my regular oxy.

      dee | 06/14/12 | 6:51 pm