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This Dirty Jobs™ Complete Heavy Duty Stain Remover review comes from The ABCD Diaries.

What we thought: We reviewed the Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy-Duty, Oxygen-Powered Stain Remover. It can be used as” a booster for stain removal in the laundry, a cleaner for dingy bathroom surfaces, for freshening upholstery and fabrics, and it is even safe as a carpet stain remover. The original formula of Dirty Jobs Complete harnesses a higher concentration of oxygen-powered enzymes unlike any other product on the market cutting through grime, grease, stuck-on dirt and set-in stains.” I love that it works on such a large variety of projects. It is safe for colors and biodegradable. It works really well on the mold that tends to grow around our tub and sink in our super humid climate along the Texas coast. This is a really great all-in-one product:) ABCD Diaries gives Dirty Jobs cleaners an A+!

Visit their website – HERE

Stop by mydirtyjobs.com website to learn  about the products, see videos and check out the “Mike Gets Dirty” section for more videos and fun Mike stuff.

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