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“Mardi Gras Bladder Banger” In Mobile, Alabama Mike gets a detailed and surreptitious look at the city’s Mardi Gras “Folly” float while putting together a unique protective charm that will be used to repel malevolent spirits during the annual parade.” Hokey smokes. There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all: Mardi Gras. Truth be told, I’ve never been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras but I have been to the town so I can empirically state I know what it means to miss New Orleans. Going there for Mardi Gras is probably on the top five of my bucket list. It rotates position between that and taking a chocolate tasting tour of Belgium and reading five years of back issue magazines I’ve got piled up. As to bladder banger I think I’ll let Mike explain that if he dares. Hit it!

09:01: So, it’s “Mardi Gras Alabama style.” Wait. What? We’re not going to New Orleans. What a gyp. Okay, I’ll be fine. I can always go to the local Gumbo Pot here in LaLa Land and get my fix whenever I need to.

09:02: FYI, BTW, that first shot has Mike using the ubiquitous Flip camera that he is so fond of. If he had his druthers every shoot would be a simple as him holding a Flip camera and talking into it. He’s such a naïve boy some times.

09:02: We’re inflating cow bladders? Isn’t that a football? No wait, that’s a pig skin. Okay, I’m lost. And a secret society? I so want to belong to a secret society. If anybody out there is in a secret society and is accepting membership please send me an application. I’m great at keeping secrets. Like the fact that Mike wishes he could shoot every show on a Flip camera… oh, wait… okay, give me another secret. I know I can keep it.

09:03: Wow. Check out the blue Lone Ranger masks. Umm, guys, if you really want to hide your identity behind a mask you might want to avoid giving out your names. You’d never have me divulging my name in the secret society. I’ll just be referred to by a series of clicks and buzzes.

09:04: “The Knights of Revelry.” Okay, I really want to join that secret society. I hope that they have a great secret handshake.

09:05: “A mystic society.” I like this more and more. Oh, and since when is a cow bladder silver? Also, as true representation of cow bladders shouldn’t there be five to correspond with the five cow stomachs. See what I learnt? Oh wait, bladders and stomachs are two different things. Dang and I was so close with that bit of farm trivia.

09:06: My secret wish is that Mike will end up getting dressed as the Folly guy… (Okay, I know he will cause I saw the picture and it’s well worth the wait!)

09:07: Note to self: Come up with new uses of inflated cow bladders. What if you wrap a cow bladder around a car? No collisions. Or better yet a plane. No crashes. I think I’m on to something here.

09:08: Seriously, how can that be a bladder?

09:08: “Trimming and purging. That should be on a t-shirt.” On it, boss!

09:09: Not to disparage the Knights of Revelry but their kitchen doesn’t look very mystic. In fact, it looks like every commercial kitchen I’ve ever seen. They need to work on that if I’m going to join their secret society. Perhaps something more akin to the Bat Cave?

09:10: So that’s what a deflated cow bladder looks like. Good to know. I wonder if there is a recipe for cow bladder because I know folks eat pretty much every thing else on a cow or is the bladder an organ too far?

09:11: Shout out to DP Troy for the in the sink POV shot. Nicely played, sir.

09:11: So the Knights have been around for over a hundred years. I would love to go into the way back machine and drop in on that first meeting when they decided they should be inflating cow bladders as an annual tradition. Methinks lots of spirits were imbibed during that session.

09:11: “Let me be the cow for a second.” There’s something you don’t hear everyday.

09:15: I’m all for upholding tradition and Mardi Gras is steeped in tradition. However, if the goal is to make noise I’d go with the air horn or electric key board. I’m just saying.

09:16: If they don’t trim the bladder it is going to stink? I’m afraid that train left the station.

09:17: Ahh, kindergarten. I have fond memories of doing a hula dance by the pencil sharpener which got me in Dutch with the teachers. There were no graham crackers for Mrs. Meyer’s little boy that day I can assure you.

09:18: Who knew that trimming cow bladders was such a delicate operation?

09:23: A castration ring. I’m sure that will be showing up in my nightmares right next to the usual cast of zombies. Remind me to watch “Walking Dead” only in the daylight hours.

09:25: Remind me again why this is happening? Oh right, to make some noise during Mardi Gras. As I mentioned I’ve never been to Mardi Gras but I’m kinda thinking there’s already a lot of noise and banging a cow bladder isn’t going to stand out. Which brings me back to my air horn idea. Folks, you really should come to me first with these schemes so I can set you straight.

09:27: I think the sight of Mike jumping out of his skin when a cow bladder explodes is almost as funny as the sight of Mike getting bit by a snake. Almost.

09:28: Wait, they’re going to stitch up the cow bladder? Wow. These guys take dedication to tradition to a whole new level.

09:29: Thanks for the factoid about Mobile’s Mardi Gras. I take back all my nasty thoughts about competing with New Orleans. BUT I’m still going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras one of these days. Sorry, Mobile…

09:33: Cow bladders as snowflakes? Nice analogy, Mike.

09:34: Oh great… the cow bladder is now a whoopee cushion. No way Mike will ever finish this job.

09:35: I think in another life Mike could have been a surgeon. Then again, maybe not.

09:42: Full disclosure: I hate painting with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. BUT if I could always paint with a paint gun, I’d be singing a different tune.

09:43: So what did the original Knights of Revelry do before the paint gun came along? Again, methinks copious amounts of liquor were involved in the process.

09:44: Also, what goes down in this paint room in between Mardi Gras? Is this where this secret society holds its secret ceremonies?

09:45: Still with the masks? Yeah, not buying it.

09:46: Note to the wise, don’t get into a war of words with Mr. Rowe. You’ll only end up bloodied and beaten. I know of what I speak.

09:51: Ahh, the champagne float. Was expecting something a bit bigger as Mardi Gras floats go.

09:52: Wow, a Dirty Jobs theme for Mardi Gras. Okay, two things have to happen. 1) They have to invite Mike to be Grand Marshal. 2) He has to take me with him.

09:53: I sure hope the guy who builds floats for five other secret societies is well compensated. That’s a pretty cool job I think especially if you get a free pass to the parade.

09:54: OMG! It’s totally a giant Mike head! Hey, maybe we can get that shipped to the MRW offices after the parade so we can dress it up and throw things at it.

09:55: I love me a good walk down memory lane.

09:56: Okay, the portable bathroom device reaffirms my original suspicions about copious amounts of alcohol being consumed before, during and after this parade business.

09:57: 400 Million to Mobile for Mardi Gras. If that’s not a reason to throw a party I don’t know what is.

09:58: Now seeing Mike in that Folly outfit will definitely haunt my dreams. Dang it, I’ll never get to sleep.

09:58: Mike, Mike, Mike… you’re ruining the float! Great. There goes your Grand Marshal invitation and there goes my all expense paid trip to Mardi Gras. You couldn’t get a ladder could you? No, you had to be a big shot and climb up the moon.

09:59: If the Folly Banger is a coveted role to play I think I will pass. I would much prefer sitting on a balcony, tossing beads and eating jambalaya all night long.

— Meyer

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    1. Yeah the whole bladder banging, mask wearing thing was a bit odd, but still fun. The DJ themed floats were cool. And the giant head was just about to scale with Mike’s huge noggin’! ;)

      Dani V | 01/19/12 | 1:29 pm
    2. “If the Folly Banger is a coveted role to play I think I will pass. I would much prefer sitting on a balcony, tossing beads and eating jambalaya all night long.”

      I’m not going to ask why you enjoy being in a position to toss beads, *ahem* but this begs the question: what does a reveler have to do to get Folly to toss a bladder one’s way?

      PiaY | 01/19/12 | 10:32 am