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Mike finds life on…Mike – watch the next installment of Discovery’s series “Curiosity,” October 23 at 9PM.

By April MacIntyre
Monsters and Critics.com

One of the sexiest men alive is Discovery’s go-to star, Mike Rowe, whose elevation of the mundane workplace deeds and unsung working class heroes of the USA has established him as a man’s man, and one that women would like to know in that biblical sense.

Rowe is always up for the dirty deeds, and the new Discovery series “Curiosity” takes our fit fantasy man and puts him through a gauntlet of crazy human parasites and body invader tests that will give the germophobes hives.

On Sunday, October 23rd at 9PM ET/PT –Discovery Channel’s “Curiosity” series – which features some of the biggest names including Robin Williams, Eli Roth, Samuel L. Jackson and Maggie Gyllenhaal — takes viewers on mind-bending journeys into the things that we’re curious about. We shower, we bathe, we apply perfumes and deodorants. We’re cleaner and healthier than at any other point in human history. So it may surprise us to learn that there are 10x more things living on us … than cells in our body.

From the flora of our gut, to the fauna on our skin and hair, this CURIOSITY episode explores the wildlife park that is the human body in stunning, microscopic detail -– combining the creativity of natural history filmmaking with the charisma of Discovery’s very own dirty boy — Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs.

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    1. Mike what is going on with the Blueberry pie making it was my first time seeing that one. IF your looking for a real dirty job you need to go to a waste water treatment plant that is doing construction on it ( making it bigger). Take not the bigger the waste waster treatment plant that you go to the more dirty you will get. I’m not just talking dirty but nasty. Get with the guys you see out there on the plant that are pouring concrete lol. You’ll have lost of fun.lol

      Nikolai Fitzgerald | 12/13/11 | 4:49 pm
    2. Like, Mike.

      Shannon Marie Conley | 10/18/11 | 11:25 am